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God Created the Internet to Market your Business Online

God created the internet to market your business online – get that firmly entrenched in your mind … and when he created it what he wanted you to have is thousands of visitors to your site. To achieve this you’ll need a strategy to get quality traffic to your website and drive sales. An effective online marketing strategy is more than SEO, email marketing, or even optimising your website. It involves a number of activities…

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12 Quick Christmas Online Marketing Review Tips to Increase Sales Online

Check Your Website with 12 Quick Christmas Online Marketing Tips Interestingly the 12 days of Christmas song is not actually a countdown to Christmas day but instead a count from Christmas day to the 6th of January, “The Epiphany Day”. This Christmas whilst you are pondering around and have some time on the internet give yourself a break in 2008 and do a little review of your online marketing with these 12 tips. Review your…

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