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How to start a search engine marketing campaign

Why start a search engine marketing campaign? Buying traffic for the sake of buying traffic will send you broke. The reason is because it isn’t targeted, so you will only get people coming to your website that just leave. Buying just any traffic is like putting up a T.V. ad, you are shooting millions of arrows out to try and hit a prospect. The answer to not wasting your money is to target specific users…

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Advertising Performance media

5 Secrets to A Successful Performance Media Campaign

Performance Media may be one of the easiest, and most effective, online marketing opportunities in today’s market. What is Performance Media/Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is an agreement between two sites in which one site (the affiliate) agrees to feature content or an ad designed to drive traffic to another site. In return, the affiliate receives a percentage of sales or some other form of compensation generated by that traffic. What are the benefits? You only…

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