My fellow director of Freestyle Media, Frank Restuccia had a great time talking at the final of the NSW Young BizStar Competition 2007 yesterday.
He told me it was a great opportunity to pass on our experience of the pros and cons of being young and starting a successful business to the next generation of entrepreneurs
I [...]

During the evening my stomach hurt, but when I woke in the morning..
At 1:02am on Monday my stomach hurt so much that I felt like crying, I had no idea what was wrong. My father is an anaesthetist and I called him because he helps me out when I am really unwell. I told him [...]

Free Search Engine Optimisation Webinar Recording

Last week I did a webinar with SmartCompany and search engine optimised a few websites including:

Axa Australia
Flexi Car

Key elements we went through:

Overall search engine optimisation performance of a website
Keyword research and selecting profitable words
Structuring your website for keywords
Code optimisation
Inbound Links

Bonus Questions answered
I also answered some very specific questions [...]

What makes a Website Headline Appealing to Your Visitors and gets them to Buy from You?
In any website, landing page or advertisement your headline is the most important part. How does this apply online:

Converting Visitors on Website landing pages – The first words your visitor reads when they land on your landing page.
Getting Traffic from [...]

How to tap into the Inner Desire of your Customer every time they land on Your Website?
When I was over in London last week I clipped a number of advertisements from the newspaper because I felt they had killer sales appeal to consumers. They tapped into the topics which all humans are concerned with. When [...]


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