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How To Handle Rapid Google Indexing

Last week I was reading Matt Cutts Blog and saw his report that: The Google crawl/indexing team has continued working hard, and several people have noticed Google’s index getting fresher and fresher. Now some documents can show up in minutes instead of hours or days. The day after that I published a product review on one of my blogs before lunch. After eating I Googled for the product name and was completely blown away to…

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How to SEO Search engine optimisation Website traffic

Surviving a Surge of Popularity

How would you feel if your website wasn’t accessible for a whole day? Does the thought of that happening make you kind of sick in the stomach? Well this is exactly what happened to a site I visit regularly (we’ll let them be anonymous to avoid embarrassment). One evening their site got linked to by a major overseas newspaper and the incoming traffic all through the Australian night was 10x normal … until the site…

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