Online marketing

How to take a risk with your Online Marketing

What do you think of the John Howard YouTube? It is getting pounded by internet users, especially the YouTube community. I like what John and his team has done. Its good. Its getting press and its appealing to the younger voter. He is actually gotten with the times and realised that less people are watching the TV and has instead opted for the medium which most of us use all day. I think there are…

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How will the new changes in Google effect you?

What are the new Google changes (5th of July) and how do You Maintain and Improve Your Rankings? 1. Older domain name means better rankings? – Yes if your domain is older than 1 year it will more likely put you in stand for better rankings. This is a tough gig for any domain that is younger than 1 year and has great content. Best to get those landing pages up quickly and submissions to…

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Website development

How to Decide whether to Overhaul or just Upgrade your Website?

So you know your website sucks but there are still some pots of gold on it that everyone comments about and you don’t want to kill, for fear of losing all of your sales. What do you do? We have many websites running for our clients and they all have golden elements to them which deliver the leads/signups/sales our clients need, but there are always improvements that can be made. The reason for this is…

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