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1. Do You Know how you can use online marketing?

Have you checked recently how many people go online vs go and check their mailbox. If not. Here are some stats for you.

2. Welcome to online [...]

Maximising SEO and Usability on your website
Thank you to everyone who attended my talk at Search Engine Bootcamp! It was super to be with such an engaging audience, I hope everyones palms read good futures!

Website Template to maximise search engine rankings
As promised here is the website template for maximising search engine rankings.

Online Copy secrets shared by Online Guru Copywriter
Want more conversions on your site? Fix your copy! I have interviewed Jon Maxim to help you sizzle your copy to get a better response rate. Jon is a guru copywriter and teaches for ADMA strategy and copy courses.
Here are some of the things you will learn:
1. How [...]

I get asked at every single SEO conference or talk I do whether or not you should optimise your META tags. Firstly here is my answer:
Title tag <title> – Definately. Probably the most important factor in your SEO
META Description and Keywords tags <meta> – Yes. My reason for this is that although it may not [...]

Is Your Online Marketing Becoming Obsolete?
Have you seen Microsoft Surface? If not spend 1 minute and be wowed by their video demonstrations.
Microsoft Surface Videos
So where does that leave your online marketing? Should you start researching how you are going to market to this new platform? Is your online marketing obsolete? Where does it fit in [...]

6 Places You Are Losing Your Web Visitor

Stop Losing Your Customers from the 6 Most Common Conversion Spots in Your Sales Process
The first time I ever tried to buy my television online I stoppped and just went to another website. I was super keen on the television but I just physically couldn’t figure out how to buy from the site. I won’t [...]

Podcast 1: Increasing Bottom Line Profits with B2B Integrated Online Marketing
Fred Schebesta interviews Angela Schuster from Integrated research in this podcast. Angela is a guru at B2B online marketing and how to generate leads and enquiries. She takes a very integrated approach using the following tactics to generate qualified leads.

Search marketing
Landing pages
Email marketing
Database profiling
Podcasts and [...]

Supercharge Your Online Marketing with the New Freestyle Media powered by Q ltd!
Yesterday Freestyle Media was 100% acquired by Q ltd. It was announced on the stock exchange and it a lot of trade journals like B and T and Adnews.
Online marketing agency Freestyle Media announced today it has been acquired by Q Ltd, a [...]


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