Increase your New Websites Conversion rate
Designing a website can be very subjective – everybody seems to have an opinion, even the mail boy. Through years on the job I have developed this fail-safe methodology which makes things a whole lot easier. Firstly, set an objective. Most simply, your objective with each page should be [...]

One of my articles just got published this month in marketing magazine so here is the sneak preview. Its all about the elements that make you successful in your online marketing whether you are a big or small company they all apply.
Did you see?I had a bit of fame in The Australian’s Entrepreneur section on [...]

Quick Website Sitemap Creator

Just a quick one, thought I would share this great little Google Sitemap creator with you. Its fabulous as it quickly updates your sitemap and produces your sitemap into XML and HTML.
Let me know what you think?

How to write a Search Engine friendly article for your website
By applying this formula to writing website articles, you will get great success with the search engines. Follow these 5 easy steps and experiment for yourself now.
Fred Schebesta’s Article Writing Formula
Step 1 – Choose your KeywordTo begin, choose your article’s keyword target. I suggest [...]

Keyword Discovery with Google’s Free Tool

Mervat is starting a new website called “Viva La Frock” and is struggling to brainstorm her website keywords. She wrote me an email below:
“Hi Fred
I attended the seminar on Tuesday about Online Marketing which you did a great job of presenting!
I wanted to ask you, I am currently in the [...]

The history of the internet and how it affects your marketing

Remember back to when you first logged onto the internet and the first types of things that you used to do. Compare that to the things you do with the internet these days. Now think about the internet as an object and think about the [...]


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