The Man From Schweppes is here with a Call to Action
Look at the mastery of this ad. I stand humble at the feet of the master of copy and direct response. Look at the story value of this ad. I believe that man exists. Look at this call to action in this ad.
David Ogilvy Quote: [...]

Search Engine Optimisation Update for Sitemaps
Did you know as of April 11th there was no longer a need to manually submit your sitemap to search engines. The major search engines agreed on a sitemap format. You can now add a simple line to your robots.txt file and let the engines know where [...]

Market Research & Consumer Insights 2007

Do You Learn Best At Seminars? Are you Struggling with Consumer Insights?
When you can sit in a crowded room can you point out who your customers are just by looking at them and listening to a few random conversations? That is when you are 100% in tune with what your consumers are thinking, marketers call [...]

Googleplex in Sydney drink Up and Go

Google Recommends Up and Go as a Healthy Snack!

Photo gallery: Googleplex in Sydney: News – Hardware – ZDNet Australia: “The Sydney Googleplex keeps plenty of healthy snacks on offer.”
One of our Clients products Up and Go from Sanitarium is considered to be a healthy snack by Google!

FREE Online marketing articles

Give me some more Online marketing gold!
I have written a few new articles and they are on other websites right now. You can find them below:
Search Week » Blog Archive » Do those little blue ads down the right hand side work?:
“Google search marketing it very alluring when you first look at it but if [...]

Internet marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Internet marketing is a component of electronic commerce. Internet marketing can sometimes include information management, public relations, customer service, and sales. Electronic commerce and Internet marketing have become popular as Internet access is becoming more widely available and used. Well over one third of consumers who have Internet [...]

How do you Absorb Online Marketing Information the fastest?
Personally I find that when I do something immediately as opposed putting it on my To Do list it gets done. Thats why I like attending seminars and buying videos of them. I find it the fastest and quickest way that I take in and develop my [...]

Second Life Marketing Review
I was reading the Digital Media magazine that came with my B&T and noticed Hyro had setup a Second Life Recruitment Hub. So I have decided to provide you with a review of what I found.
Hyro’s Second Life Recruitment Hub ReviewFirstly I am not a Second Life guru but would more place [...]

Make your website easy for your visitors to use and they’ll become more proficient users. But if you want them to become customers, you have to think beyond usability.
Imagine a website which was super easy to use and continued making usability the top priority in updating the website. You would infer that this website was [...]

How to get your customers to make big waves with your FMCG brand?
What happens when you get your consumers to send you photos of them using your product? Well in Up and Go’s case they go nuts. Below is a screenshot of some of the photos NEW Up and Go Energize drinkers have been sending [...]

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