Even the almighty David Ogilvy had call to actions…

The Man From Schweppes is here with a Call to Action

Look at the mastery of this ad. I stand humble at the feet of the master of copy and direct response. Look at the story value of this ad. I believe that man exists. Look at this call to action in this ad.

David Ogilvy Quote: “P.S. If your favorite store or bar doesn’t yet have Schweppes, drop a card to us and we’ll make the proper arrangements. Address Schweppes, 30 East 60th Street, New York City.”

I just want to flag 1 line “make the proper arrangements.” David Ogilvy always said, “Turn your clients into premium brands, make them a first class ticket.” This ad encapsulates that for me.

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SEO Search engine optimisation

Include your Sitemap in your Robots.txt

Search Engine Optimisation Update for Sitemaps

Did you know as of April 11th there was no longer a need to manually submit your sitemap to search engines. The major search engines agreed on a sitemap format. You can now add a simple line to your robots.txt file and let the engines know where your sitemap resides on your website.

Iinclude a similar line to this:

Here is a forum post about this

Robots.txt has traditionally been used to tell search engine spiders where go and where not to go on your website. This change in the robots.txt file allows you to tell the spider where to look for the sitemap file.

For more information about a robots.txt file just go to

Market Research

Market Research & Consumer Insights 2007

Do You Learn Best At Seminars? Are you Struggling with Consumer Insights?

When you can sit in a crowded room can you point out who your customers are just by looking at them and listening to a few random conversations? That is when you are 100% in tune with what your consumers are thinking, marketers call these consumer insights. Once you hit that pinnacle of understanding its easy to market your product because your ads talk straight to what your target market is thinking. They also stop being your target market and more just become your mates. You know them. You don’t need to guess. You can here me speak at the Consumer Insights event and I recommend attending if you are struggling to get into the mind of your customers.

Hey, I am the first speaker at the event and I am going to be pulling out some of my secret golden stash of tricks and tactics of how I get consumer insights!

Here are some more details:

25th – 27th June 2007
The IMAX Theatre Complex, Sydney

Optimising Market Research & Translating Insights for Bottom Line Results

Market Research and Consumer Insights 2007 is the next in IIR’s successful marketing series. It has been specifically produced to provide you with a perspective on Australia’s challenges and innovative approach to shopper segmentation, research methods and analyzing and translating insights into fresh marketing strategies.

The most significant issues across industry will be addressed, including retail initiatives, collaboration & co-creation, market research fundamentals and fundamentals of quantitative methods.

Key speaker include:
• Lisa Wellington, Senior Manager, Marketing Science – Knowledge & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company – United States
• Peter Davenport, Head of Consumer Insights, Sensis
• Fred Schebesta, 2006 ADMA Australian Young Direct Marketer of the Year, 2006, Director, Freestyle Media
• Chris Dawson, National Strategy Manger, Australian Radio Network
• Yu Dan Shi, Head of Marketing, Harris Technology
• Sam Plowman, General Manager, Fairfax Digital Online Real Estate
• Colin McLeod, General Manager – Marketing & Communications, AFL
• Camilla Kimpton, Consumer Insights and Effectiveness Manager – Petcare , Masterfoods Australia and New Zealand
• Simon Curry, Group Manager Communications and Media, Intel Australia
• Sue Murray, Chief Executive Officer, National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia
• Jennifer Reddington, Consumer Insights Manager, Yahoo! 7
• Simon Hammond, Chairman, SEE, Author, ‘Be Brands’ & ‘All It Takes to be Successful In Business (And Life)’
• John Mathews, Resident Research & Consumer Insights Expert, Landor

3 practical, expert led workshops:
• Leveraging on consumer segmentation to optimise research methods
• Advanced Techniques and ROMI – The Coke Side of Global ROMI
• Advanced tools to translate consumer insights into innovative marketing and product development strategies

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to debate and discuss all the key issues in the field of Market Research & Consumer Insights – register today!

Online –
Tel (02) 9080 4090
Fax: (02) 9299 3109
Download a Brochure

Free stuff

FREE Online marketing articles

Give me some more Online marketing gold!

I have written a few new articles and they are on other websites right now. You can find them below:

Search Week » Blog Archive » Do those little blue ads down the right hand side work?:
“Google search marketing it very alluring when you first look at it but if you jump straight in people normally experience some of the following problems… Win new online customers, influence existing visitors:
Do you feel disappointed when you look at your website stats and see that 5000 visitors looked at one page, then exited? ..

eCRM Electronic customer relationship management

What does Wikipedia have to say about Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Internet marketing is a component of electronic commerce. Internet marketing can sometimes include information management, public relations, customer service, and sales. Electronic commerce and Internet marketing have become popular as Internet access is becoming more widely available and used. Well over one third of consumers who have Internet access in their homes report using the Internet to make purchases.(Devang, 2007)”

I find the 4 components it has split it up into:

Information management – I see this as being almost like content management, information structuring and usability.

Public relations – Article PR, Blogging and search engine optimisation have got to fit in here.

Customer service – This is really about eCRM, call centre interaction and basic customer service principles.

Sales – I see this having Persuasion, advertising and marketing strategy under its umbrella.

Which places could you work on?

Online marketing

Web marketing Course For Serious Marketers 26th April

How do you Absorb Online Marketing Information the fastest?

Personally I find that when I do something immediately as opposed putting it on my To Do list it gets done. Thats why I like attending seminars and buying videos of them. I find it the fastest and quickest way that I take in and develop my information base from which I work from. I have put together a 2 hour Online Marketing seminar for you that is chock full of examples, concepts and ideas to supercharge your website.

Anzac day is on the 25th of April and that makes Thursday the 26th of April. If you want to do some learning on your day before the weekend, come and join me at my Online Marketing Seminar. I have had a great turn out for each event over 70 people each time. Everyone learns a lot about how to market online in the power packed 2 hours.

Note: This seminar is only for people serious about online marketing.

Get your ticket now as the price goes up in 7 days time!

Online gaming and marketing games

A Review of Hyros setup in Second Life

Second Life Marketing Review

I was reading the Digital Media magazine that came with my B&T and noticed Hyro had setup a Second Life Recruitment Hub. So I have decided to provide you with a review of what I found.

Hyro’s Second Life Recruitment Hub Review
Firstly I am not a Second Life guru but would more place myself into the Noob demographic. I think this post might be quite interesting from the perspective of a marketer in some of the things to cover when marketing in Second Life. I struggled a bit trying to actually find the Hyro establishment. Its not listed on their press release where the actual coordinates of the Hyro Recruitment Hub were. I actually found where it was by reading a different Second Life blog.

Second Life convenient links that actually teleport your character directly to the place in question.

(BTW The Hyro Second Life Recruitment Hub coordinates are as follows. You need to have your Second Life application open at the same time.)

Whats inside?
So I really like whats inside the Hyro Recruitment Hub! Here is what’s listed in the index:

A picture of the index in the complex

1. Theatre Block
Contruction site – Something thats still being built.
Theatre – This is a big theatre with lots of seats to sit down in. Quite nice. There is a big ad on the wall saying “Heavy Mobile TV. Coming Soon”. I might have to revist to see what thats all about?

2. Conference Centre

Submit your application here. I struggled and couldnt quite work it out.

Recruitment Hub – This is the all famous place where you can submit your application. I couldnt figure out how to get the application onto my character. I consider myself to be fairly technically savvy but still a Second Life n00b so maybe there was a little trick to it. Perhaps, because none of the Hyro people were present they set it not to function?
The Space Station – This is a conference room with lots of seats and a table styled like a space station.
The Forest – This is a conference room with lots of seats and a table styled like a forrest. I didnt really bother going in here as it was the same as the other.
The Beach – This is a conference room with lots of seats and a table styled like a beach, I liked this one because of the lifesaver flags.

3. Showrooms
News & Awards – Some listings of the awards and recent news Hyro has received.
Web & Interactive – Some portfolio screenshots of work
Wireless & Mobile – Same as above.
Construction site – Something being built here.

4. Workshop
A place to meet with tables and chairs where you could submit your application for a job again. Again I didnt figure out how to get my application form.

This is a perspective of the different levels that are in the complex.

I decided to take a bit of a tour around and had some fun shooting my avatar around in the cannons. But because no one was there to enjoy it with me I left.

All and all an interesting experience and I learnt a bit about moving around in Second Life. Was super keen to get that application form but perhaps its just a bug they are fixing. I just went over to this castle near by and have found my first Second Life person to speak to. They are French so lets see how I go!

Website development

Usability is just the on-ramp to a persuasive website

Make your website easy for your visitors to use and they’ll become more proficient users. But if you want them to become customers, you have to think beyond usability.

Imagine a website which was super easy to use and continued making usability the top priority in updating the website. You would infer that this website was not setup for marketing or selling anything. A website that persuades users to take specific actions and provides them with relevant and timely information to make decisions and purchases does not put usability as its top priority. Sure the website needs to be usable and when users go to your shopping cart and checkout its important that they can do this seamlessly. But let’s face facts, who wants a website where users have an experience but don’t purchase? I would prefer if they purchased but had a bad experience. We can fix the experience with the funds from the sales made but its tough to fix the sales without any proof of concept.

Let’s get our priorities straight:

  1. Sales
  2. Usability

Don’t get me wrong I believe in user centred design for processes and functions but I place marketing and persuasion above usability. If the website is completely unusable you are not going to make any sales in the first place. But if your website isn’t selling for you now I wouldn’t suggest that you burst out of the sheds and make the experience of browsing through and using the website better. This will just get happy tyre kickers lurking around your site. I would instead suggest go back to some core principles within each of your web pages.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself when Designing a New Webpage

Here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself before you design and populate a webpage with content.

  1. What action needs to be taken? Buy, Upsell, Upgrade, Renew, Install or Download are actions you want your users to take. Define this and be clear as to how best you could represent it on the web page.
  2. Who needs to take that action? What personas (types of visitors) need to be persuaded to take the above action? Each persona will have different ways of interpreting information and required actions. E.g. A transport expert might view the action “Download” different to an Internet Service Provider technician.
  3. How do we persuade that person to take the action we desire? – What information, images, diagrams or text do they require to take the action? Depending on your answer to the 2 previous questions your persona you are targeting and the particular action will setup some key questions they might have when challenged by the action you want them to take. E.g. If you want to persuade a single male to apply for a credit card they might look for the benefits program. Where as a single mother when applying for a credit card might look for how many days interest free you will receive.
FMCG marketing

How to give your FMCG Brand advocates Control of…

How to get your customers to make big waves with your FMCG brand?

What happens when you get your consumers to send you photos of them using your product? Well in Up and Go’s case they go nuts. Below is a screenshot of some of the photos NEW Up and Go Energize drinkers have been sending in to show how extreme they are.

Up and Go Energize giving extreme drinkers a voice

So how in the world can Up and Go get this to happen. Here are 4 rules to follow if you want to get user generated content from your advocates.

How to get User Generated Content from your FMCG Brand Advocates?

1. Ensure your brand is loved – If no one loves your brand your not going to get good User generated content, your going to get bad user generated content. If more than 5% of traffic in your niche go to you need to do something about it. Now, dont put your brand on show and let people shoot it down. Get your CEO on a blog to personally answer each question openly and honestly. If your brand is under heat right now and there are some customers who dont love you right now e.g. James Hardie(Killing people), Telstra (Poor share price), BHP (Too much uranium and digging up the earth), Ford (Too much pollution) or JetStar (Treating people like herd animals, hey, i dont feel like that on Virgin?? They make it fun!) stay away from this space.
2. Give them to tools – Make sure its easy and in laymens terms what you need to do in order to get my picture on the website. Assume I am a 2 year old and give me 1 simple function I need to do in order to make me famous.
3. Make sure you page can be viral – If your entire site is flash make sure there is a URL people can still forward to their friends. One of the drawbacks of pure flash websites is that its almost impossible to send someone a link to the content inside the flash to show somone else what you see. Even easier is to just give them a little button to tell someone else.
4. Choose your tribe of people you want interacting – Be selective and just get people who are super keen together. In Up and Go’s case we have the extremists. They are the kinda people who will go out there and wind surf one day and then go rock climbing in the afternoon. They will fly over to South America to climb a massive mountain that only 200 people have ever done. These are the people we have surrounding this brand and these are the ones who we want their content from because their peers will like it too.