Myspace Web Stats

Here are some interesting stats about Myspace usage courtesy of B and T.
The Australian version of popular social networking site MySpace claims more than 50% of its users are over the age of 25.
Research from Nielsen Netratings show that over 1.1 million MySpace Australia users are in the 24 to 34 year-old age demographic.
I think [...]

There are 2 things you should look at for this.
1. Websites statistics resolution stats – What resolution do most of the people that visit your website already use? Use these stats to determine what size you should do it in.
2. Internet trends – Check the current resolution stats, although keep in mind that this is [...]

Search Engine Room slides

Thank you to everyone who listened to my talk at the Search engine room yesterday. I thought I would post up my slides for you to review. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to comment and I will reply to them.
Keyword Discovery With Latent Sematic Indexing.ppt
Let me know what you think.

A lot of people ask me what makes the business Freestyle Media different from other web design companies. I will tell you an analogy to explain this. Ask yourself right now and be brutally honest, Do you have a brochure website or is it a marketing tool? Have you just wacked up a site and [...]

I try to improve all my clients website conversion rates all the time. I thought these Google articles might be of interest to you if you are trying to improve your conversion rate.
Google Conversion University
3 quick tips to improve conversion
1. Add security logos – Your SSL provider will normally provide a logo you can use [...]


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