I gave a talk at the AIMIA event “The Future of Video Online“. My talk was on “How to use Video in Your Online Marketing”. For everyone who attended I have posted my slides up on the link below.
Download my slidesHow to use Video in Your Online Marketing
I had a number of examples I showed [...]

Search Engine Summit Conference

Listen to me at The Search Engine Summit Conference
As you can probably tell, I’m really ramping up my speaking engagements this year.
In March I will be presenting at the Search Summit – the Australian search marketing conference.
Personally I’m excited to be part of a line-up which includes guys from Google, SEO, 24×7 Real Media and [...]

If you are in the process of recruiting a new internet marketing consultant I have always found it tough to hire any particular consultant although I have broken down some ways to figure a good one from a bad one.
Practice what they preach – Whenever someone comes for an interview at Freestyle Media for say [...]


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