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What Do the Addicts of the Internet Want and How Can you Feed Them in Your Internet Marketing?

24 hours a day 7 days a week, All Singing, All Dancing Show! A lot of people ask me if I like my job. I instantly reply yes. They usually ask why? My response varies from day to day but on this new years eve I must say the reason why I love it is because of my love of the internet. “I LOVE INTERNET” should be the shirt I should wear. What do I…

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Music Online marketing

Live secret recordings from Famous bands streaming FREE

I just found this website that is music streaming (BTW I have adsl 2 at home and it has reopened up the internet to so many new things for me!) so of the most prized recordings from bands such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zepplin, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. There is some golden music here that was recorded by the stage promoters and now streaming live and free for you. How does this…

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Online gaming and marketing games

Ashes Cricket Weetbix

We launched the Ashes Cricket website and it is turning into a glowing success. Key success elements: 1. Ashes Cricket Microsite – A microsite like this ensures that visitors dont get lost in all the other content weetbix provides. This way there is a place for visitors to easily go. 2. Ashes Download – This is a desktop application that sits on peoples desktop and sends them updates whenever a wicket falls. This is great…

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Text banners are useless right? Wrong!

“Text banners are boring… they’re not going to get anyone’s attention. We should have an animated banner that grabs people’s attention!”. Is that statement really true? While I was doing some research I stumbled across an IBM banner that I really liked. You may have seen this before. The screenshot below shows the IBM banner ad to the right of the page (click on screenshot fora larger version). It looks like a special feature of…

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Inspiration Life Online marketing

An Online Marketing Success Story of Adopting Sheep

“Adopt me?” Here is a story that is happening right now. My friend Michael Kiely has a farm full of sheep, and unless you have been living under a rock you will know that there is no water its dryer than my mouth when I wake up in the morning after a tough night boozing. So what he decided to do was allow people to adopt his sheep! ( This new campaign has been spurred…

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Online customers Online marketing

How to Build a Profitable Online Relationship with Customers: Part 1

It takes at least 7 visits to your website before someone purchases something from it. In support, comScore Networks V.P. John Miniati said at this year’s IR Conference, “People don’t always convert in the same web session when searching.” Their study found that only 17% of search-initiated sales (mostly movie tickets and flowers) occurred during the same web session. 20% occurred in later online sessions and 63% in latent offline purchases.John Miniati, vice president, comScore…

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