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How to build a niche market forum business? Interview: Mark Doust from

I like interviewing webmasters from time to time to find out some info about them and their web businesses. Following is an interview with Mark Doust who runs a web forum for people with new web businesses. Some great advice in here that I think is valuable especially on how to get started. Very interesting method of promotion in terms of referral marketing and article PR. If you run more than one website. What…

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Online Branding in the 21st Century

I had a couple of interesting conversations at the seminar the other day, one in particular about the idea that I was ignoring branding and its importance. It got me thinking at the time and I wasn’t too sure how to respond. I have been thinking more and more about this concept of branding and how un-important it is compared to 20 years ago. I have a feeling that a lot of marketers are still…

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Fred Schebesta awarded Australian Young Direct Marketer of the year

Last night at the ADMA Awards night I was announced the Australian young Direct marketer of the year for 2006. After winning the NSW Young Direct Marketer of the year I went into another round of interviews and presentations. I had to present work that we at Freestyle Media had done and show the following criteria: Knowledge of the direct marketing discipline Success in applying it Contribution to the industry Ability to be an ambassador…

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Email Marketing tools who do you use?

If you have read my email list building post I am sure you are wondering what tools we use. When it comes to professional email marketing using outlook or some dodgy mailer is not the key. It gets easily blocked by spam guards and there is no reporting. When you are getting serious I recommend using a professional mailing program. Freestyle Media have used a lot of different providers over the time although we have…

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Analytics for an Online Marketer from Panalysis

As you can see my internet marketing seminar is heating up and I am getting a few questions about who Panalysis are. It’s a good question if you want to become a better online marketer. Panalysis are a web analytics company headed up by Rod Jacka. Rod is a guru when it comes to identifying and leveraging website traffic statistics to improve your online marketing. I love his software that tells you where people are…

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5 things to check daily with your marketing

These are 5 things I check daily for clients and for our businesses: 1. Number of Sales – I check signups/sales/leads or whatever the metric that all marketing is determined on for a particular client. With Laser Sight Centres its all about laser eye surgery bookings. How many today versus yesterday. 2. Website traffic – I check my blogs traffic almost daily. I check the following metrics: Recent camefroms – What webpages did people recently…

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