I am not normally this excited but this blew me away! ChaCha is a human search engine where a person does the searching for you. I felt bad using the service asking the person to go and find things and off they went searching through google. It was very kind of them as I asked [...]

One thing that I have recently read about is the Golden triangle of Google when it comes to search engine placement for SEO and SEM. This phenominon is called the Golden triangle because people who use Google do so in a fashion that if you track their eye movements it makes a triangle around the [...]

I am a massive .com advocate and so I just LOVE the Yahoo! ads. They arent that present in Australia although I do remember a few of them. Thanks to our global citizen media here is my favourite advertisement from Yahoo! proudly presented by YouTube.
Yahoo Advertisement
What I like is 2 things
1. Brand Promise – Ok [...]

Welcome to the second instalment of Creating an Email List. To recap: you have a little website and some channels pointing to it, sending you web traffic. Converting website visitors into database signups is the key now.
First let me flag 1 thing: although I have written about acquisition channels it is advisable to setup your [...]

If you are looking to build a christmas game or perhaps a funny eCard to send to your clients here are some samples to look at.
Bounce the presents into Santas sleigh!This game got a HUGE response and the top scores that were recorded must have meant people were playing this well into the night and [...]

The following post is all about building an email list. I am going to do a few posts on this topic and give you examples of how to build a list up.
Laying the Online Marketing Platform
The Online Marketing Strategy for this email list building needs a solid platform to start with. Key elements of this [...]

Have you thought about how you are going to use online marketing to communicate to your customers this christmas? Here are some suggestions:
1. An online christmas game – These work really well as they are different and a fun way of delivering that christmas message2. An emailout – A short quick and quirky email always [...]

So you want to sell something from your webpage? Do you want to get your user to take some sort of action? Well your going to have to sell it to them in a way that they understand.
There are 4 steps in selling anything (real estate, entreprise IT, cars, vacuum cleaner..) it doesnt matter what [...]


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