I was checking some results on Google and surpisingly got an error! I had never seen this before. Even the titan of the internet can fall sometimes. I just wanted to talk about some other great online marketing blunders. Here is my top 5 list:

Coke Zero fake blogging
PriceRitePhoto debacle in not sending the product and [...]

Freestyle Media’s client Weet-bix has just won the number 1 trademark of Australia. In an online vote people decided that “Aussie kids are Weet-bix kids”!
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1. Make your domain name noticeable
Look at the difference between these to domain names:
What do you notice?1. Each separate word has a capital letter to make it easier to read2. The .COM.AU is capitalised to help you remember what the domain suffix is
I also suggest you use a domain [...]

MSN has decided to take up arms against a sea of YouTube traffic. The Soapbox system is only in its beta version although I am already sceptical of it. If Soapbox Beta functions anything like the previous versions of windows we might be seeing blue screens on our movies. Hey only time will tell how [...]

Here is a list of over 101 ideas that you can use:
1. Free eBook2. Free Ezine3. Free chapters 4. Free Print Newsletter5. Free mini-course (7 part e-course)6. Free articles7. Free software8. Free a list of directories9. Free downloadable interview10. Free (recorded presentation)11. Free update on market trend info (stocks… etc)12. Free tip sheet14. Free analysis15. [...]

Tonight I was awarded young direct marketer of the year! I am really happy about this as I have put so much time into becoming an online marketing guru and this acknowledgement makes me feel like I am getting somewhere.
Thank you to ADMA and to all the people who voted for me. A special thank [...]

Carlton have just brought out their latest advertisement http://www.flashbeer.com.au viral campaign.
Now, I couldnt help but look at it. I had to. I wanted to be entertained. Lets see how much beer Carlton beer I will drink now?
I heard a rumour that the Big Huge ad didnt actually pay off for the Carlton guys. I can [...]

Ok I found Brookers from some random surfing and I have got to say that she makes some totally cool videos. My favourite one was this:
If you dont know about Brookers she is a girl who has made some herself kinda famous through YouTube. She has 18,998 subscribers to her video feed! Most of her [...]

Yes, you heard it right! Best Western are the latest to announce accross the board increases to their online marketing spend! They have found that tourism is just done online these days.
If you are a marketing manager reading this, wondering if you should switch some budget to online. If you haven’t been surprised at the [...]


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