I was cooking around some marketing ideas on the weekend. Pinging them back and forth and have coined a new phrase.
“If content is king, credibility is queen!”

What does it mean for your website?
When Bill Gates pitched up content being king everyone jumped on this little blue and white windows wagon [...]

Let me tell you the story of how I got into blogging…
It all started when one of my mates, Dylan, began http://needstobeglassed.blogspot.com/. Though quite aggressive in its content, this blog has slowly built up a following of over 1,000 visitors per day.
Dylan and his blog contributors have similar types of humor. They have created a [...]

Online Markeitng Review: Surin Restaurant

Tim from Surin Restaurant in Ramsgate, Kent in the UK has asked me to do a review of his online marketing.
Surin Restaurant website – http://www.surinrestaurant.co.uk/The Surin Restaurant has A LOT of websites and online activities going on. They have:

A blog – http://surinrestaurant.blogspot.com/
An online store – www.surinsuperstore.co.uk
An Ebay Store – http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Surinista
An Ebid Store – http://uk.ebid.net/stores/Surinista

Now that [...]

A recent article in B2B talks about a key insight. “If the guy who is fixing your computer does your SEO and SEM as well you need to find yourself a specialist.”. I wholeheartedly agree because I am a search engine marketer myself. It has taken me 3 years to gain the knowledge I now [...]

5 rules for business MSN'ng

These days more and more businesses are adapting to using MSN within the business to communicate internally and also externally. When I started Freestyle we used MSN immediately for internal communications and we still do. Yes, we have colleagues sitting next to each still typing to each other as opposed to speaking. For us this [...]

Given today’s media consumption habits, it is essential to allocate a portion of your marketing budget to online. But are you getting the most from your investment?Working with an online marketing expert ensures you use the right mix of tactics for each campaign. These could include:

Banner advertising
Pay-per-click advertising
Blog marketing
Article marketing
Email marketing
Viral marketing
promotional websites and
Search [...]

The business case for blogging

Here is an article I have been reading which is very interesting in regards to the business case for blogging. An online jewelry store tried quite a few things in terms of blogging and writes about the results they experienced.
I like the concept here of the blog being au naturale. It makes it believable and [...]

Myspace launches in Australia

No one could say that dot com wasn’t back when News Corp purchased Myspace for $580m. Now it has just signed a $900m contract with Google to allow them to provide paid search listings on the website. Myspace says that its going to be used for paying back the purchase. What a deal! Thats good [...]

I have found some very interesting videos from Matt Cutts vlog. Ok for the noob:
1. Noob = New person to something2. Matt Cutts = The Google Blogger that all the SEO guys listen to and read because he actually works at Google and what he has to say most of the time is what everyone [...]

Im not sure if everyone has seen the Queensland holidays ads? I like them. Like I just get that feeling and I like it.
Just listen to that music. The imagery makes me feel alive. Its aspirational. Its … well just perfect for travel and The gold coast.
I think this client has struck upon something [...]

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