Im sorry to jibe all the advertising agencies out there but you really have no idea when it comes to online marketing. Let the online agencies in because we know what we are doing. I appeal to all clients out there using an advertising agency for their online to turn a new leaf this financial [...]

I want to tell you a story about how this blog came about. I was jumping around on the web looking at our competitors (as you do), and I kinda came to the conclusion that I have a lot to offer the online marketing industry and needed some way to get it out there. At [...]

If you have been wondering what people are thinking regarding this big who haa with John Howard and Peter Costello. Lets take a peep as to what the search engines say. I always feel its easy to guage peoples reactions to things based on search volumes and types of keywords being searched for.

John Versus [...]

A guide to choosing an online marketing companyBy Fred Schebesta
All marketing managers are beginning to embrace online marketing as a core element to their marketing activities. When choosing an online marketing agency to work with, there are many pitfalls that can be easily avoided. This whitepaper goes through the main elements in your selection process:
What [...]

I like this new term, it describes improving your chances of being clicked on and purchased from a comparison shopping website.
I found a good white paper on it (link) and thought I would share this little find with you.
I personally have struggled with comparison shopping websites and have seen very little ROI. Member based websites [...]


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