Viral marketing

Foshizzle your webizzle with Gizoogle

Okay, I don’t know what I just said. Apparently some poeople dig that kind of speak. So much so that someone’s invented a little website called Gizoogle.

It translates text on a website into this “izzle” language.

But after you’ve had a couple of laughs and passed it onto your friends, you’ll notice that this is probably a website to promote*.

In case you haven’t caught on, is another social networking website that’s totally free and free of ads. It’s funded by a millionaire who’s most likely waiting to make some more millions by waiting for a large company to buy out his business. knows that getting members will work best by word of mouth. So what better way to encourage word of mouth marketing online than to invent a fun little site that translate serious sites into funny garble?

The great thing about this word of mouth marketing method is that Gizoogle is a tool that would appeal to the younger generation who are really getting into the izzle speak. Aren’t they the perfect group of people to get onto I think so.

The Gizoogle website has been running since 27 Jan 2005 and has had over 2.9 million unique visitors to date. You can see the detailed stats by scrolling down to the bottom of the website and clicking on that minute chart image.

Great viral WOM marketing!

* This statement isn’t substantiated, but was made by inference. Please add your comments if you can prove that it’s true or false.


Myspace designs about to go nuts

Im a myspace virgin and I just had my first taste of it. Everyone in online marketing is going how in the world is this gonna make money and how are we gonna catch the wave. Well here is my prediction and 2 cents.

Myspaces are gold for people looking to build a social network. Companies will have their own myspaces like jose cuero tequilla (pardon my spelling). It is so easy to create a social network with myspace. Aparently some companies have professional friend adders that just go around all day adding people to the companies myspace ALL DAY! It hits one in every 20 but you hit up enough of them and blammo you have a massive network that just grows and grows and hey kablamo you have yourself a social network built around your company.

What do you think? Post your comment.

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Online gaming and marketing games

Viral Marketing Game from PMI Insurance

I love games! Especially viral ones. They just enthuse me and keep me entertained for hours. I am not sure how long I played that DHL one with Santa and how he had to keep trying to get the presents into the DHL car. I would play it now if I knew the link. I recommend to our clients games in particular instances where they want to deliver some serious awareness and build some more interaction with the brand.

PMI Insurance just rolled out there 3rd online game and its superb! A world Cup Soccer competition that just keeps me hooked for hours.

I love the way that the scores are entered and the 3D effects of the ball spinning. That part gets me everytime. We really enjoyed helping PMI with this game and given the exceptional results of the previous games I hope this is twice as successful!

Let me know what you think?

How to

5 ways to avoid online marketing disasters!

There are five simple steps to follow for successful online marketing projects and you probably already follow them all. So why bother reading on? Because there is a simple way to get even more value for money and ensure your web projects always turn out better than expected.

  1. Write a brief
  2. Have a budget and timeline
  3. Content & Images
  4. Engage a web expert
  5. Publish with a reputable provider (hosting)

I Already Do That
Often-times even though you follow these steps, you may find yourself dissatisfied with the result or frustrated by the experience of your online projects. WHY? Simple: You need to change the order.

Some FREE advice: Mix it Up
While you may getting more familiar with the processes involved in online publishing, without expert advice there are many potential issues which could still arise, or lost opportunities you don’t exploit, simply because you get your web expert involved too late in the process. Put it this way: Step 4 is way too late.
Here’s your FREEBIE: If you are super-keen to get started or want a basic outline to get your brief on track, then this template will help. (online_marketing_brief.doc 62K)

Getting Value for Money

The sooner you get your web partner involved, the better your chances of meeting and often exceeding, your targets. With their extensive experience, your web partner can often suggest new ideas, alternative solutions or a smarter process, saving you time and money in wasted investment. Listen – you’re paying them anyway, so why not get the best value for your money and maximise your ROI.

The Bottom Line
Engage web expert up front not at step 4 – this will save you time & money!

Your Thoughts:
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SEO Search engine optimisation

Creative ways to create backlinks

Backlinks are where it is at when it comes to search engine optimisation. Links pointing back to a website that is linking to you decreases the value of the link to your website.

Ingenious ways of creating backlinks to your website

  • Write a genuine testimonial about a web site or it’s products and leave your link in your signature.
  • Write an article with links pointing to your site that get’s published over and over.
  • Submit to niche online directories
  • Create link bait by putting an interesting tool on your web site that people will use such as a mortgage caluculator. People will link to that.
  • Write great content that people will link to.
  • Add a ‘link to us’ javascript code for your pages.
  • Add the famous ‘furl’,, etc link on the bottom of your web pages.
  • Add your web site to online classified ads such as
  • Create a website awards program

Email me if you want some more ideas or if you have some ideas.