Ip Telephony monitoring

Ip telephony has really taken off with some superior cost savings for big corporates.
There are many horror stories around VoIP and IP telephony deployment. There are also many successes. We have just started working with Integrated Research with their product Prognosis. The thing about VoIP deployment is that a CIO needs to know whether or [...]

Online marketing for small business

On the weekend I gave a presentation at SSHED with www.youth2youth.com.au and it was superb! Plenty of young fledgling businesses just bursting to start up.
Here is a copy of my presentaiton “10 ways to market your business online“
If you have any questions just email or call me.
Fred Schebesta

Nasty website of the day!

This is a tragdey of a website.http://www.eurovision.com/flashpage.html
This is direct from 1998 to your very own web browser. The intense flash. The background images. The text animations. Hey this guy just learnt flash and sold it to this poor client as the latest and greatest. Unfortunately now the website looks like a dog’s breakfast.
This company is [...]


Fred Schebesta

Life Goal
My Mission is to help you make positive changes in your life, by doing that, maybe in some small way, I will help you achieve all that you ever wanted to be.