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Search engine optimisation changes #3

Ladies and gentlemen who have been monitoring my progress with my search engine marketing. Let the results speak for themselves. “Online marketing sydney Blog” has hit the number 2 spot in google.

Now the challenge begins to gain that number 1 spot.

Here is my analysis of the situation.

1. Found agency are a search engine optimisation company and are HEAVILY into linking strategies. The main reason why they are pipping us at the post is because they have more links pointing to their site than does. So my solution is we need to start creating relevant links to it.

Here is my plea:

If you have a website or a blog that is relevant to online marketing please place a link to our blog like this online marketing sydney on it.
I need to get around 1,000+ links to come near to competing with Found Agency. Traditionally they have always used some very crafty techniques for creating lots of links. Here is a look at how many links the found agency have. Some of the links which point to this website are a little irrelevant to the content. My strategy will be to only get links that are relevant to the content matter of online marketing. Right now we are struggling for links.

2. I have also noticed that some of my posts are getting ok positions within Google. This is another great sign. The posts have short bursts of good content. I think I need to lengthen some of the articles into much more detailed ones. This would do 2 things.

  1. Increase the likelihood to receive better rankings on the search engines.
  2. Increase the relevance and informative nature of the pages once someone does actually find the website from Google. My intention and vision here is to become a well respected website for knowledge and ideas for online marketing within Sydney. Right now the short punchy nature of my posts has been good to get the website up and running. Although now we need to put more time and effort into developing this blog into being the full swinging website that its destined to be.

3. I have also noticed that the titles of my posts come up in the filename and titles of my posts. This is very interesting and something which we need to start thinking about in terms of what to call the blogs. The title is important in that someone needs to read it and understand what the blog is about but also the search engine optimisation of the blog is very important. I think this concept comes back to a previou blog I wrote about brand versus search. A dilemma of usabiliy is also creeping in here, which does eventually reflect on the brand. I.e. bad usabiliy = bad reflection on brand and good usability = good reflection on brand.

I hope everyone is enjoying this work in progress and seeing as this blog develops into a case study for people to follow. If you have any specific questions about why or how I have done something just email me.

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Google Censorship the 411

I use the term “the 411” a lot and I just want to explain what it means. Essentially in America instead of dialing telstra for information you dial 411. So I use 411 losely to mean “getting the inside word or information”.

Ok, so whats the deal with all this Google China censorship thing. I thought they were kidding around but they are actually really serious. I thought I would give it a whirl myself and decided to log in to the old china google and compare it with the AU google. I decided to use the keyword “tiananmen”. Here are some results:

Here is the Google Images results for US

I can see some tanks and people getting squashed. 1 man versus an army.

Here are the Google Images results for China

I am seeing happy happy joy joy images of people touring in Tiananmen Square. Hmm… Perhaps that little rumour of what happened in the square was just a lie.

I think this is a great example of how valuable and powerful the internet is to communicate information. It also shows how people get their information these days and if you want to censor that you are going to have to do that online aswell now. If anyone who is reading this article wants me to censor it just post a comment.

Blogging and blog marketing

You’re gonna have to be niche to blog

Clay shirky has rocked my socks with some of his lastest writings. Basically if you want to have a popular blog it’s gotta be niche. In marketing traditionally it has been about bell curves i.e the majority being in the middle. With the internet this is not applying. It seems that it’s not balanced but completely unbalanced. 12% of the total blogs in the blogsphere (All the blogs) have 50% of the traffic. The number of subscribers to Yahoo groups is of the same graphical distribution.

My recommendation is get your blogs up and running now but also ensure that it’s niche or is really interesting to move the blogsphere audience to you.


I Digg it!

I have been getting into this whole digg thing. Its at that pioneer stage in its development although I think it has some legs. The idea is that people post articles (website links) and people rate them. The best articles rise to the top. Everytime I go there I find something completely wacky out in cyber space. I see this as being a replacement for news in the future. Why should we let media people choose whats important or interesting. Why not let the people decide. Thats why I am digging it!