Ladies and gentlemen who have been monitoring my progress with my search engine marketing. Let the results speak for themselves. “Online marketing sydney Blog” has hit the number 2 spot in google.
Now the challenge begins to gain that number 1 spot.
Here is my analysis of the situation.
1. Found agency are a search engine optimisation company [...]

Google Censorship the 411

I use the term “the 411″ a lot and I just want to explain what it means. Essentially in America instead of dialing telstra for information you dial 411. So I use 411 losely to mean “getting the inside word or information”.
Ok, so whats the deal with all this Google China censorship thing. I thought [...]

Clay shirky has rocked my socks with some of his lastest writings. Basically if you want to have a popular blog it’s gotta be niche. In marketing traditionally it has been about bell curves i.e the majority being in the middle. With the internet this is not applying. It seems that it’s not balanced but [...]

I Digg it!

I have been getting into this whole digg thing. Its at that pioneer stage in its development although I think it has some legs. The idea is that people post articles (website links) and people rate them. The best articles rise to the top. Everytime I go there I find something completely wacky out [...]


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