Behold the power of Google!

It has only been 2 months since Google last made it to the press for giving BMW and Ricoh Germany the “death penalty”. And now they’re back on the news again for blacklisting yet another website for using “unethical” tactics to increase their search ranking. Only this time, they retaliated back by suing Google.

When you read the story about you cannot help but to think how powerful Google has become. If it was Yahoo or MSN Search that banned the BMW or the KinderStart websites, would it have received the same publicity on the news? I would think not. So this is really a compliment to Google – ie. the importance for businesses to “get along” with them.

According to the lawyer of, getting banned on Google meant the loss of 60-70% of Internet traffic to the website. Ouch!

Online marketing

Promoting a website offline

Marketing an online business is just like any other business. I like fishing where the fish are. Market in places with high concentrations of people. We have just launched our own online poker store to sell chipsets, poker tables and poker books. In order to promote the website we have entered 5 people into the corporate games poker tournament.

We wore the t-shirts and got a rousing response. You can see the full post here on my poker blog.

The point is the online store built its brand with its target market and I found myself quoting prices of tables and chipsets on the spot. It doesnt matter that its an online business, you still have to market it.


Offensive content

Im an online marketer and I have seen a lot of things in my time. The weird, wacky, fun and offensive. Having said that this was just way too strong for me:
Be warned that this video really offended me.

Perhaps I am ignorant about populations of animals because I have watched too much TV, but I thought that hunting elephants, hippos, lions and tigers was not an ideal way to preserve our ecosystem?? Im an armchair environmentalist but hey, this is just a bit too strong for me.

How about this for a comment:
Please Note: The video clip that you are watching is but a small example of the life and death confrontations offered in my movies.More than anything. it demonstrates my manner and method of hunting dangerous game. Rather than shooting the great and noble beast into oblivion from a safe distance, my clients and I choose instead to walk up and give the animal a choice of how he is to die in battle.This explains why my movies are the most watched and talked about hunting movies in the world.

I want to start up a digg and see if anyone else agrees?

What is going on here? I just do not get it.
This is too aggressive

SEO Search engine optimisation

Search engine changes to blog #2

I have found the blog in the engines!
Google position

9th rank. I think because there is not enough links pointing to the website for the keyword online marketing sydney it is not getting good enough results.

I am going to make these modifications:

  1. Change the title to “online marketing sydney Fred Schebesta”
  2. I dont think there is enough copy on the website and enough pages to surf to. I.e. a sitemap would be ideal. I am going to move this blog to a different blog system that allows categories. Right now I am looking at because its in PHP.
  3. Register the blog with the major directories including and some others. I have previously submitted the website to the search engines and I think this has given it its listings in Google.

And lets see how that goes. Got any suggestions or want to link to this site and help me? Comment away

Podcast and webcast

Podcasting in Australia

You see them everywhere. Yes them… people with white earphones walking around the city, on their bikes, sitting on the train, and even doing their daily jog. And hey, this might be you!

Ever since the iPod craze swept this country a few years ago, we’ve seen an ever growing demand in portable music players for people of all ages. And of course, this trend is witnessed in many other countries throughout the world.

So now that we have scores of individuals each owning a personal music device with the capacity of storing hours of audio, has this opened up a new door of opportunity for direct marketing in the Australian market?

I would think so, and so do many others. And one of the ways is through podcasting (a “podcast” is like a radio show that you can download onto your music player and listen to it when you want). That’s why traditional radio broadcasters such as the ABC and 2DayFM has jumped onto the podcasting bandwagon, allowing listeners to download some of their shows.

One major advantage of postcasting over traditional radio is that listeners can choose what they want to hear (be it horseriding, cooking, theology or yoga) and when they want. In the past, there were limitations in storage and Internet bandwidth for this to take off. Now this is no longer an issue.

First of all, I think there exists an opportunity to launch a podcast directory for Australian podcasts. I’ve yet to find a “good” podcast directory where I could search for content relevant to Australians. What’s the use of having your own radio show when people couldn’t find it? But having said that, I don’t think it’ll be long for some person/organisation to come up with one. Even is taken.

For Freestyle Media clients such as Sanitarium, I believe there’s an opportunity for them to expand their online Nutrition Service to include podcast downloads too. The only Australian health-related podcast that I could find is the one by the ABC – and I found it so BORING! So I think it’ll be pretty cool to have an Aussie podcast about healthy living, dieting, etc.

What are your ideas?

Online marketing

Online marketing agency vs Chop Shop

Whats the difference between a professional online marketing agency and a chop shop when it comes to your online marketing? Whats the difference?

Chop shop (Your down the road supplier working from their bedroom floor. Some of the big advertising agencies use these guys and mark their services up. Most marketers cant tell the difference between a well built webiste until they feel the pain down the track. I have noticed that this is slowly changing and marketers are realising advertising agencies are good at advertising not online.)


  • Cheap (In the short term. But more expensive in the lifetime of your website)
  • Get the job done
  • Less documentation


  • No search engine rank for website that is developed
  • Unreliable; are they going to be there in a few weeks? What will happen to your online marketing?
  • Thinks that the website is just means to an end.
  • Code is not scalable and cannot be cost effectively maintained nor upgraded.
  • Difficult to modify website
  • Strange errors keep appearing.
  • No documentation means no formalisation of what you are actually getting.

Online marketing agency (Professional online marketers. They know the value of a visitor and how much it costs to get them there and they know exactly what to do with them when they are on your website to make that cash register ring.)


  • Gives you good search engine rank
  • Ensures your website coding is viewable on all browsers
  • Knows and works with you on your website to turn it into a sales tool
  • Cost effective since work that is done doesnt need to be redone; website is scalable and can be built upon. Less investment required in the future to maintain and upgrade website
  • Documentation of what is to be delivered.


  • More expensive in the short term (initial outlay is larger but cheaper in the longterm.)

Keen on your ideas.

Blogging and blog marketing

“Online marketing sydney” search engine marketing case study #1

I have decided to give my blog a bit of meaningful credit and try and get my blog into the search engines and start getting some traffic to it.

Pagerank = zero/10

Right now my blog has zero pagerank with Google. This means that not many people are linking to it and Google doesnt consider it a valuable website. I need to rectify this. The way I am going to do this is by getting websites with pagerank to link to my blog. I have requested a link be created from the Freestyle Media (PR 5) website to my blog. I am keen to put this link in the sitemap page of the Freestyle Media website.

Last 25 words
The last 25 words of content need to contain you keyword. I have added a footer paragraph today which contains the keywords “Online marketing sydney”. Lets see how that performs. I have also added a link back to the homepage in the footer.

Most of my techniques and ideas are either self developed or I have learnt them from the USA. We will track this performance with the engines and see how we go?

Search engine changes to blog #2
Search engine optimisation changes #3


Google vs Microsoft

Lets face reality. Google probably wrote its word documents on Microsoft. It probably opens up Microsoft every morning on most of its PC’s. In the big technology swinging Silicon Valley right now I think everyone is kidding itself if it doesnt realise that Google is trying to take over every single piece of Microsofts turf.

Google just purchased writely, a word processing program built into browsers. The only differences are its online, you can post to your blog (do I here Blogger), you can share docs 10 times easier and its got that vanilla feeling WYSIWIG interface like Word.

Why in the worl would Google not envy the monolith of the Vally and try to systematically replace Microsoft with a good old Google?

My bet is… They are!

SEO Search engine optimisation

Brand vs Search ROUND 2

I have been kicking this around within Freestyle and I think we are on the verge of a bit of a revolution in website design. Before I saw websites like this to be cool:

But now I think those websites are just a big show that no ones watching. People used to be wide eyed and all wowed by that stuff. But now people are getting more into the content of websites. Who cares what the images and stuff does. I want your website to tell me exactly what I want to know. I want your website to know what I am looking for. Tell me now or im leaving. Im outa here. I want to search in Google for a term, find a web page that is deadset exactly relevant to it or I am closing your web page down. You have 1 second. Most users dont persist much further than the first look of the website.

I get nothing out of the above site. I think its a concept in some creative guys head that looks good if you watch it. But this aint no tv commercial, its not a powerpoint presentation. This is a website. We’re not here to be wowed by images. We will just go to google images, national geographic or if your super extreme you go to

My partner Frank Restuccia put it succinctly “Search that looks good.” I.e. a website that is search engine optimised to the hilt but also looks really good.

The saga continues…