Yahoo7 launches new portal

Yahoo has always played second fiddle to Ninemsn ever since it launched. Ninemsns greater and more relevant local content tied in with its huge television and magazine promotions have given it more traffic. More traffic leads to more advertising. More advertising means more cash. More cash means a better, fresher website. Yahoo unlike in other countries is a small player in Australia although its new initiative to integrate channel 7 content and info into the…

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Page titles SEO Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation tip #1 – Page titles

Page titles are a key consideration by Google when looking at your website as to what exactly the page is all about. The key is to name your titles with the keywords you are looking to optimise the page for. eye surgery from Laser Sight Centres Pages throughout this website change title as you move from different content areas. This is good SEO since you are customising each page to particular keywords and not…

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Online branding Online customers Online marketing

What works well online

I have lots of questions and thoughts about what companies actually work online. My answer to this is really based upon objectives and definition of what you mean by works. Products that work well online are usually ones that dont need to be seen or felt or touched or tried on etc.. low human interaction is required. Good examples of this are: Books (Amazon) Computers (Dell,, techbuy) Credit cards (Virgin Money) Pharmaceuticals ( Flowers…

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