These are the books that I have read that have influenced deeply my thinking:

  • Topgrading – Hiring, selecting and performance management. Hire A and A+ players. Make a team to go to the moon of A players. If you were going to the moon, would you have this person on your team?
  • One minute manager – Managing people – setting expectations, catching people doing good things and reprimanding. How to get the most out of people.
  • High Output management – Andy Grove – The core of managing a company. This is a very very heavy book to read but strongly suggest you pick and choose topics to read that are relevant to what you need in the moment.

Currently reading

  • The hard thing about hard things – Ben Horowitz – Former Netscape executive – Student of Andy Grove. Apparently one of the greatest managers since Andy. Learn from the greats is my thinking.

Oh by the way, if you want to buy these, use a promo code to save a few dollars. Thats fine if you don’t aswell.

Tell me your list of  books?

How to Achieve

Follow these steps:

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Write down the first 3 steps.
  3. Go and do step 1. Don’t start step 2, till you have done step 1.
  4. Relentlessly continue to pursue your goal with incremental steps. Sometimes the steps will be small, but as long as you keep moving towards your goal, carry on. Remember, “Progress = Happiness”, you will feel that line more when you are hitting the wall.
  5. When you hit a wall. Seek assistance, read just what you need to solve your problem and move on. Someone has already solved this before. Go and copy and improve on them. Remember, its all about the pain you are willing to endure that will determine how much you achieve.

Bonus: How to be Successful

  1. After you have achieved your goal. Set a new one immediately and go and get it.

I know everyone says celebrate and relish your achievements and all that. I can appreciate their sentiment and its good to do that. But, really, if you want to be great, move on from small wins. Celebrate big ones.

All of the successful people I know relentlessly pursue and look for their next goal just as they are finishing their first one.

If a company is going places. Join it.

If its not. Don’t.

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.”

Eric Schmidt

Eric said, “Get on a rocket ship. When companies are growing quickly and they are having a lot of impact, careers take care of themselves. And when companies aren’t growing quickly or their missions don’t matter as much, that’s when stagnation and politics come in.”

Hat tip to Jeremy Cabral for sending me this amazing article.

Fred Schebesta Inspired

Hat tip to Daryll.

Try to build a fan club or a family, a community around your brand/business.

Look for the emotion in the relationship. Emotion drives engagement which drives involvement which drives value exchanges (sales etc.).

Act with absolute integrity and be open about everything.

Say No more often

“I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying ‘no’ to 1000 things.”

Hat tip to to Jonathan for his insights.

3 to 4 times a year I go on a cancelation spree. I hack and slash everything, including the things I ‘think’ I ‘need’. This allows me to figure out which things I truly need, and which things I’m comfortable to do without. Each time my pain threshold grows stronger, and as a result I live a minimalist life.

Staff at finder have to come on the journey with me and have learned to accept that even core services might go down because you cancelled the credit card or changed PayPal details to force payments to decline.

Or even withholding credit card details to make team members think twice around whether they really need the service or software they are about to sign up for.

I trust my staff to make purchasing decisions but occasionally I’ll play the grinch to train my team how to think frugally, even if we desperately need what we are about to purchase. Sometimes it’s painful for staff especially if they feel they need something but it inspires innovation. They have to think of creative workarounds to achieve the same thing with an alternate method. It also keeps them comfortable with a level of pain and keeps them ‘hungry’ and appreciative for what we already have.

I liken it to boxers who have to have a level of being able to accept they need to fight and carry on to win, no matter how bruised, battered or bloodied up they are.

Hat tip to Jeremy Cabral for these powerful insights.

Here is a the presentation that I did in Colac last week to a great group of business people. Thank you all for your great support and I hope to visit Colac again soon.

This presentation is based off my article about the most important insights I had about starting I think I might write a follow up to it.

I have a personal passion about pawnbroking, payday loans and what I call the 3rd credit market.

I actually love it. I find it fascinating.

There is such a high demand from the customers and lender is there to help. The balance of power is quite awkward given all of the personal circumstances that would be involved in every loan.

History is interesting of Payday Loans

Wars were funded by Payday Loans, even Christopher Columbus was funded by hocking the crown jewels!. I read this article and it opened my mind.

The novelist Charles Dickens had no high opinion of them.
”Of the numerous receptacles for misery and distress with which the streets of London unhappily abound, there are, perhaps, none which present such striking scenes as the pawnbrokers’ shops,” he wrote in the London Evening Standard in 1835.
”The very nature and description of these places occasions their being but little known, except to the unfortunate beings whose profligacy or misfortune drives them to seek the temporary relief they offer.”
Lending on portable collateral is one of the world’s oldest professions. Pawnbrokers were plying their trade in ancient Greece, Rome and China, centuries before Dickens was a boy. Traditionally symbolised by three golden balls suspended from a bar, they were the only avenue of credit open to the Victorian poor.
They’re thought to be the subject of Pop Goes the Weasel, a popular song of the 1850s. ”Popping” is slang for pawning and ”weasels” were flat irons used by poor tailors.
Pawnbrokers have also been a source of funds for the highest in the land. The British king Edward III pawned his jewels to fund his war against France in 1338. Henry V followed suit in 1415, while Isabella of Spain hocked her crown jewels to cover Columbus’ voyages.



Sea Circus

  • Breakfast, very cafe like in Sydney but with a very Fresh vibe.
  • Dinner was ok, they have mexican and modern international foods.
  • The drinks menu is off the dial, margaritas, The POW WOW! served in a milk bottle is very very strong and good!
  • They now have a little ice cream bar!
  • Its a very busy street and a little difficult to park at.

La Plancha

  • This is the original beach bar but there seems to be a lot of copycats that have sprung up next door that offer a similar level of service, bean bags, drinks and food if you want to dine.
  • To get to this area is a little difficult and I suggest heading down a road called Sixty Six. Its a very famous road and taxis and drivers will know this one. At the bottom of 66 head to the right and you will see a series of restaurants on the beach. I suggest to drive all the way to the end of this street until you hit the walkway, park there and then walk to the restaurants.
  • This is a bar on the beach that is amazing night drinks spot.

Earth Cafe

  • Raw and organic food, amazing drinks and a supermarket


  • High High end quality indonesian.
  • Drink the polish donkey and the Surong smash
  • Owner is the guy that owns Longrain in Sydney. “Will”

Warung Mades

  • Indonesian food but touristy, but relatively clean.
  • Great vibe, big place. Good stop over and easy eating.

Warung Murah

  • 99, Sixty Six street
  • Name actually means “Cheap Restaurant”. Cheap indonesian food, but fast and good experience right on a hustly little street.

Hotel Mexicola

  • Tacos and stuff! Good drinks. Owner is the same as the guys from bucket list in Bondi.

Meixcan Cantina

  • Opposite Mantra club
  • Good cheeky tacos and nachos
  • Cheeky bite on the way home perhaps?

La Lucciola

  • Right on the beach
  • Amazing view
  • Great food
  • Breakfast is so tidy

Massage Spots

  • Chill Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Quality on the feet

Places to Stay


  • Great location
  • Big hotel in the middle of rice paddies
  • Still quite new.
  • Pool right in the middle
  • Breakfast each morning
  • You can get rooms which back straight onto the pool, so you can walk out your door and jump in the pool.
  • Has a gym.
  • Might be best with Scooters as there is quite a long road to walk down off the main road.

(Chelsea has the name of the place??)

  • Pools connecting everywhere together
  • Solid location
  • Crazy 3 bedroom villa



Betal Nut Cafe

  • Oragnic Amazing vibe and drinks!! A MUST!

Ecco Beach

  • Sit on the beach and have cray seafood

Places to Party


  • Pretty cray party outdoors



Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka 3

Soma Soma

  • Organic drinks and cafe. Raw cakes and food.
  • Play music and sing in the actual restaurant.
  • Owner: Johnny – plays the digery doo


  • Raw food
  • Super healthy drinks
  • Owner – Same owner of Yoga Barn

Batan Warung


Places to Stay

The Purist

  • Villas very nice


Places to stay

“Key is to find a place with view a from your room”

Mu Villas, Bakery and Yoga

I met Jermone (pronounced Ge-Rome “With a bit of a french accent”) who owns the place. He seemed like a good guy and quite chilled. I didnt actually stay at Mu but went and had a look at it. It is tucked away down a street which is near to Mick’s place. It has its own bakery in the back of it which is very well priced for the neat bakery treats which they sell! Brioche, Chocolate Croissants, Croissants and fresh baguettes. They also have yoga on site which is quite good. The accommodation itself looked a little tired but it would be quite relaxing if you wanted to just chill out in your villa. It is like 1 massive big estate with a load of little villas throughout it. There is a special exit out the back of the place that leads down to the beach. The view itself from the edge of the place looks amazing!

Micks place

Stayed at the honeymoon suite and it was absolutely amazing. You could chill there for quite a few days and do nothing. There is a passage through the back of Mick’s that leads down to the beach.

Uluwatu Cliff Apartments

Bali Private Drivers

  • – Adi is the boss himself and he organises his drivers for you. I used them in 2012 and found them to be really nice, professional and actually take you to where you want to go.
  • – Made is amazing. He even bought me a SIM card with a bit of credit so that we could text and be in contact throughout the day. He seems to have been recommended quite a bit on Bali Tripadvisor Driver Recommended lists.
  • – Sanny seems to be well recommended too. I will try him out.
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